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Jani Zambarau (Hand-rolled Purple)
An elegant hand-rolled purple varietal Kenyan tea. Enjoy many complex, aromatic infusions using 205-210 degree water as these large leaves unfurl.. "Jani Zambarau" means "Purple Leaf" in Swahili..
An elegant hand-rolled purpl...
A smooth, savory rolled whole-leaf black tea that shines when brewed gongfu- or Western style. Expect many delicious infusions with a balance of sweetness and pleasant astringency.Origin: Kenya..
A smooth, savory rolled whol...
Mpira Wa Zambarau (Ball-rolled Purple)
This savory rolled whole-leaf tea really shows off the "grapey" character of the purple cultivar used.. Expect many delicious infusions with a balance of fruity sweetness and pleasant astri..
This savory rolled whole-lea...
Sindano Fedha "Silver Needle"
A beautiful, sweet white tea with a wonderful stone-fruit flavor and nectarey mouthfeel. This is one of our favorite white teas of all time!. "Sindano Fedha" means "Silver Needle" in Swahili.Ori..
A beautiful, sweet white tea...
A light, delicious purple-cultivar green tea from Kenya. With one teaspoon of tea per cup, steeped with boiling water for two (2) minutes, Zambarau brews up refreshing with savory grape flavor o..
A light, delicious purple-cu...
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