Cang Yuan Wa Brick (250g cake)

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This crowd-pleasing shou (cooked style) pu'er is smooth and sweet, with a very gentle earthiness. The cakes were crafted by a talented female puer master name Tanmei who previously worked for the Kunming tea factory. Now she is independent and works with her husband to market her tea. We often recommend this tea for pu'er newbies, although it is very pleasant for experienced pu'er drinkers as well.

Tasting notes: This puer is long lasting and dark with a smooth and silky mouth-feel. We tried to over-brew it but failed. It can get very dark and pour like thick black oil, but it will stay sweet and smooth. This ripe puer is not smoky, but it does have a hint of a rosy, fruity, Keemun-like note in the finish.

origin: Yunnan, China

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