Glass "Phoenix Tea" Thermos

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This fashionable double-walled glass tea thermos has "Phoenix Tea" in red lettering on the side, and a screw-on metal screen at the top.

To use:

  1. Remove the screen
  2. Add tea (about a teaspoon usually works well)
  3. Put the screen back on
  4. Add correct temperature water (usually a bit cooler than you would use for traditional short steeping times)
  5. Drink the tea. The screen will strain the leaves for you. As the water level goes down, keep refilling with hot water.
  6. Drink, refill, repeat--until the tea has lost its flavor.

This method of brewing brings out lots of great flavor in teas that can stand up to the long brewing times, such as pu'er, heicha, and many oolongs. We also have good results starting with very cool water and waiting longer before starting to drink--Chinese green teas work very well this way. On the second addition of hot water, increasing the temperature will help bring out more flavor (it's more likely to get "burnt" and astringent on the first infusion).


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