Matcha Ippuku

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This organic, ceremonial grade matcha comes to us through Three Tree Teas, a local Burien company. The matcha is incredibly fresh and flavorful, and beautiful, brilliant green, as it should be. From Three Tree Teas' description:

Three Tree Tea brings you Japanese certified Organic, ceremonial grade Matcha direct from tea fields high in the mountains of Aichi, Japan. As in ancient times, tea leaves are carefully picked, steamed, dried, and ground by a granite stone mill into the finest Matcha green tea powder. This tea is perfect for your most elaborate tea ceremony as well as for everyday consumption. Keep stored in refrigerator between each use. Sold in 30g tins. 100% Japanese Organic* Matcha Green tea.

*Japanese Agricultural Standards Association.

origin: Japan

Cinnabar: "This is one of the smoothest, most flavorful matchas I've had. We're fortunate to be able to source it reliably and from a local distributor so it will always be fresh."

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