Black (Red) Tea

Black (Red) Tea
Fully oxidized teas.

A rich and malty traditional black tea (hong cha). This is a very forgiving tea, allowing long, multiple infusions.Origin: Yunnan, China..
A rich and malty traditional...
A bright, balanced whole leaf black tea from Coonoor Estate in Nilgiri.Origin: Nilgiri, India..
A bright, balanced whole lea...
A lovely Chinese black tea, with lots of tippy, fluffy leaves. Brewed with near-boiling water, expect sweet and malty flavors, with more than a touch of umami and a very nice mouthfeel.Also ..
A lovely Chinese black tea, ...
Keemun (Qimen) Mao Feng
Our special grade keemun (qimen), a classic Anhui province black tea (hong cha), has marvelous long, twisted leaves. The "mao feng" designation indicates that it was harvested in leaf sets with ..
Our special grade keemun (qi...
An unusual unsmoked version of Lapsang Souchong, this tea shows off the characteristic fruitiness of Lapsang Souchong that often lies behind the trademark smokiness of the more well-known versio..
An unusual unsmoked version ...
A classic, deeply smoked black tea from China. Brewed hot, our Lapsang Souchong has a strong aroma of pine smoke, backed up with a characteristically sweet (slightly fruity) and woodsy flavor. T..
A classic, deeply smoked bla...
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