Christopher Shaw

Christopher Shaw

Chris works primarily out of Seward Park Clay Studio in Seattle, Washington. Chris says:
"I am an artist who works primarily through the ceramic medium. Much of my work consists of focused examinations of consciousness. Meditations on the mind, mindfulness and cognitive awareness.

My teaware is designed and formed specifically for brewing fine quality teas in the gongfu tea method. A tea enthusiast, I collected and drank teas for years before I approached the task of crafting my own tea objects. I view this style of tea as modern and responsive. Though rooted in tradition, techniques and technologies are constantly refined and reincorporated to form a dynamic evolving artistic culture.

The true beauty of tea lies in the unity of innumerable and ephemeral tea aromas into a spectrum of experience. Tea offers an aesthetic continuum containing and expressing every moment of a life and every mode of existence."

A tall gongfu-style teapot, handcrafted by Chris Shaw. Features geometrical, modern design, unglazed exterior and glazed interior.Capacity: 5.0 ouncesIN-STORE PICKUP ONLY..
A tall gongfu-style teapot, ...
A short, cylindrical pot handmade by Chris Shaw in a modern design. Features unglazed exterior and glazed interior. Suitable for brewing any type of tea.Capacity: 3.0 ouncesSOLD (No longer avail..
A short, cylindrical pot han...
A gongfu-style teapot handcrafted by Chris Shaw. Features bright yellow base, unglazed exterior, glazed interior.Capacity: 3.0 fluid ounces.SOLD (No longer available)..
A gongfu-style teapot handcr...
Handmade large white porcelain gongfu-style cup, made by Chris Shaw...
Handmade large white porcela...
This gorgeous small teapot was made by Christopher Shaw at Contemporary Clay. It is designed for use in a gongfu tea service, and because it is glazed inside and out, can be used with any tea wi..
This gorgeous small teapot w...
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