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Antique, and recently used vintage items, and tea objects made by local and international artists. Many of these items are one-of-a-kind, with limited availability.

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This handmade ceramic teapot by Mark Mohler is glazed black and white on the lower exterior, and has a hand-fashioned rattan handle.Dimensions: 5" L (including spout), 4" wide, 3" tall to top of..
This handmade ceramic teapot...
A tall gongfu-style teapot, handcrafted by Chris Shaw. Features geometrical, modern design, unglazed exterior and glazed interior.Capacity: 5.0 ouncesIN-STORE PICKUP ONLY..
A tall gongfu-style teapot, ...
A short, cylindrical pot handmade by Chris Shaw in a modern design. Features unglazed exterior and glazed interior. Suitable for brewing any type of tea.Capacity: 3.0 ouncesSOLD (No longer avail..
A short, cylindrical pot han...
A gongfu-style teapot handcrafted by Chris Shaw. Features bright yellow base, unglazed exterior, glazed interior.Capacity: 3.0 fluid ounces.SOLD (No longer available)..
A gongfu-style teapot handcr...
A handmade ceramic teapot, with ceramic handle and glazing on the lower exterior of the pot with large green dots on a grey background.Dimensions: 5" L (includes spout), 4" wide, 5" tall (includ..
A handmade ceramic teapot, w...
An open-topped, bowl-shaped brewing vessel with pouring spout, made by Seattle artist Mark Mohler.Dimensions: 6.5" L (includes spout), 5.25" wide, 3.25" tall..
An open-topped, bowl-shaped ...
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