Black (Red) Tea

Black (Red) Tea
Fully oxidized teas.

Keemun (Qimen / 祁門) is a county in China's Anhui province. It is known as the original home of the world famous Keemun hongcha (literally "red tea"--known in the West as black tea). This is our ..
Keemun (Qimen / 祁門) is a cou...
A very special hong cha (black tea) made from the same leaves as the classic Alishan Oolong. This black tea is rich, spicy and complex--a real treat for fans of oolong and Taiwanese black teas.O..
A very special hong cha (bla...
A satisfying, rich and malty Assam from Khongea estate. Origin: India..
A satisfying, rich and malty...
A nice, flavorful Darjeeling, with excellent mouthfeel. This bold and refreshing tea comes from Glenburn Estate.    Cinnabar says: ""This would be a great everyday tea for an..
A nice, flavorful Darjeeling...
Ceylon with Cardamom (Turkish Style)
A lovely cardamom-scented Ceylon black tea, perfect brewed samovar-style with lots of sugar, or as a simple strong cup of tea.Origin: Sri Lanka..
A lovely cardamom-scented Ce...
Our Earl Grey blends high-grade Assam tea with true oil of bergamot (a small citrus fruit). Great tea leaf plus real bergamot makes for a perfect, classic Earl Grey experience.Origin: India..
Our Earl Grey blends high-gr...
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