Welcoming a New Year with the Phoenix!

Drawing by Léon Bakst of Tsarevitch Ivan capturing the Firebird, for the Ballets Russes ballet L’Oiseau de Feu. Signed and dated in the lower left corner.

The last Tea & Sound event of 2017 took place on New Year’s Eve. Several regulars and some new participants joined us to close out the year with great tea and exhilarating music, in the company of fellow tea and music lovers.

The music for this month’s event was the complete “Firebird” ballet by Igor Stravinksy. For the duration of the music (approximately 45 minutes), people refrained from speaking and all electronic devices were silent and stowed away. We drank the following teas, in this order: Bi Luo Chun White, Mi Lan Dan Cong (“Almond Fragrance Phoenix Oolong”), and a 2015 Fuzhuan Hei Cha from Hunan, China. Sharp readers will note the recurring motif of the phoenix in various elements of the event.

After the focused listening portion of the event, we played a short piece by David Lang titled “When We Were Children” and drank some gyokuro while everyone talked about the event, their plans for further New Years Eve celebrations, and their hopes for the upcoming new year.