The End of A Chapter at Phoenix Tea

Brett Brewing TeaBig changes are brewing at Phoenix Tea. After a great deal of personal reflection and discussion with his family, Brett has decided to retire from the tea business, and will be leaving his position at Phoenix Tea at the end of the year. While we will certainly miss his presence and participation in the business, we support his decision to make this major change in his professional life. The decision was not an easy one.

It is a little hard to believe that the shop has already been open for four years, and throughout that time Brett has been an integral part of setting the course for what Phoenix Tea has grown into. We could not have done it without him, and he will always be credited as one of the founding partners of the company. He has done an excellent job of helping to cultivate an atmosphere in the shop that is both welcoming and educational, and he has imparted enthusiasm and a wealth of wonderful tea knowledge to a wide variety of people who have sat down at our tea table over the years. Anyone who has had the opportunity to attend one of his classes or tasting sessions, or anyone who has had tea with him in any other situation, knows that his love of tea is infectious, and his knowledge of tea is inspiring.

Some of the logistical considerations are still in the process of being worked out with regard to Brett’s departure, but Phoenix Tea is not going away or in any way changing our focus. We will continue to provide the same great teas, wares, and service that the tea community has come to expect from us.

We hope that you will find an opportunity to stop by to say goodbye and to have tea with Brett as he completes his final few weeks at the store. We will miss Brett, and wish him the best possible success in everything he chooses to pursue in the future.

3 Comments for “The End of A Chapter at Phoenix Tea”

Dan Schneider


Oh man! I will miss you Brett. And I promise to come see you for a tasting before you leave. Thank you for all the wonderful tasting sessions, education, and wonderful tea comeraderie. 🙂

Dan S.

Ian Lindhartsen


Despite only going to the shop a few times in the past, thank you for introducing my mom and me to the joys of tea. I’m sure you did the same for many others. 祝 福 你 一生!