Fujian green tea scented with jasmine flowers

As I’ve written before, I love the scent of jasmine, and I find it deeply evocative. But not all jasmine scented teas bear the essential jasmine scent that I really enjoy. Sometimes the teas are overbearing and cloying, too sweetly fragrant.

Our Jasmine Green Tea, Xiang Hao Molihua Cha (香毫茉莉花茶), on the other hand, exhibits all the best qualities I really want from a jasmine tea. The exquisite scent of jasmine hovers above the tea without overpowering the taste of the tea itself. And unlike the teas used in lesser quality jasmine teas, the base green tea used in this tea is itself quite wonderfully flavored and comes through admirably.

Like most jasmine teas, ours has the actual jasmine flowers left in with the tea leaves, but they are not obviously identifiable in the pre-brewed tea once they’re dried along with the tea leaves. The accompanying photo shows one step during the process of scenting tea with jasmine in the same tea factory that produces our Xiang Hao Molihua Cha, although the tea shown is a bundled, flowering tea, not the jasmine tea we sell. Some very good details on the traditional methods of scenting tea with jasmine can be read on Cha Dao, in the post Making Traditional Jasmine Tea.

Below is a photo from inside the tea factory where this tea, which we imported directly from China to sell through our store, is produced. The jasmine used for this tea is grown in Guangxi Province. The tea is organically grown in Fujian Province and certified to EU standards. It yields at least four excellent infusions, and unless you prefer your teas with a lot of astringency, I recommend using water at about 180 degrees for the initial infusion.

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