Introducing Thyme Machine

a cup of Thyme Machine

Phoenix Tea is pleased to announce Thyme Machine, an exclusive blend of black teas with thyme leaf, invented and developed in our very own secret laboratories.

The leaves used to produce our Thyme Machine Tea are picked from Camellia sinensis bushes in India and China by the delicate, strong fingers of brass, steam-fueled robots. After plucking and drying, the leaves are transported by hot air balloon to our factory in 19th Century Shanghai where they are processed into black tea and then sent via the underwater system of pneumatic tubes to the New World, where they are then wedded with thyme leaf and packaged for sale to the public.

H.G. Wells bought pounds of this tea from our alleyway shop in Victorian London, as he had developed the habitual practice of drinking up to 12 cups of this tea every evening, as he labored late into the evening writing his imaginative tales of man and machine.

The real story: Thyme Machine is a blend of Qimen (Keemun), organic Nilgiri and organic Thyme. Thyme has been used as an infused beverage throughout Europe for centuries, and adds a nice, tasty bite to the black tea. Try it plain, or if you are so inclined, add a bit of sugar and milk.

Thyme Machine is a refreshing brew with a beautiful rich, brown liquor.
Tea, boxes, clocks and gears…

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2 Comments for “Introducing Thyme Machine”


What a creative blend and I love your packaging! The graphics are very fun. Is this blend smoky? Not my favorite taste in tea but I know a hint can really add to the blend.


I’m glad you like the packaging. I had fun designing it. The tea is not really smoky at all. The thyme provides a clean, savory flavor that compliments the black tea nicely, but it isn’t deep or darkly flavored.