Introducing a fun way to discover new teas

Discovery Box
We like people who take an adventurous approach to tea, so we developed a fun way for the tea explorers among you to try new teas at a discount, and with an element of mystery added into the process. We are now selling three “Discovery Boxes” online. Each of the three kinds – black, green, and oolong – has an assortment of five teas. All of the teas are part of our regular stock, and are fresh and excellent. It wouldn’t be surprising to find one or two you had never tasted before. They might even find a place among your favorites. These bundles will be available for a limited time.

Buy the Oolong Discovery Box
8 ounces of oolong tea, $48 value: $40

Buy the Black Tea Discovery Box
11 ounces of black tea, $48 value: $40

Buy the Green Tea Discovery Box
7 ounces of green tea, $49 value: $40