Canton Tea Co and Phoenix Tea Shop Announce Partnership

Seattle, WA– American fans of UK-based Canton Tea Co ‘s range of premium teas no longer have to wait for their orders to cross the Atlantic. Phoenix Tea Shop now ships select Canton Tea Co teas directly from its warehouse in Seattle to tea lovers based in the United States and Canada.

Phoenix Tea Shop owner and respected tea blogger Virginia “Cinnabar” Wright is excited about the partnership, remarking: “Canton Tea Company is a company that I trust to bring only excellent and interesting teas to the cups of discriminating tea drinkers. I am excited to make some of these teas more readily available to tea consumers in the United States.”

Jennifer Wood, owner of Canton Tea Co agrees: “We started Canton Tea Co four years ago by offering the UK a wide selection of fresh, high grade, whole leaf teas direct from the farms. Virginia “Cinnabar” Wright was quick to identify us as one to watch and has been a great supporter.  Now her tea expertise is carrying her deeper into the world of tea and Phoenix Tea Shop is the first to distribute Canton Tea in the US.”

Edgar Thommes, Financial Manager and Webmaster for Canton Tea Co, is also enthusiastic, particularly because this arrangement means that American customers can get their fresh teas even faster than before:
“It’s great to have Phoenix Tea Shop distribute Canton Tea Co in the US, No more delays – just fantastic teas, delivered fast, so US tea lovers can be sipping a fresh spring tea within days of ordering.”

Phoenix Tea Shop now offers nine of Canton Tea Co’s most popular and award-winning teas, including:  Yu Lan (Magnolia Blossom) Dan Cong, Pouchong, Bai Lin Gong Fu Black Tea and, of course,  Canton Tea Co’s incomparable Jasmine Pearls.  Additional teas will be added according to customer demand and tea availability.  The full selection can be viewed at


Virginia “Cinnabar” Wright

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