Announcing the new home of Phoenix Tea!

We are very excited to announce that Phoenix Tea has found a place for our shop, and we will be open to the public very soon! The store is located on 152nd Street in Burien, Washington, in a nice little shopping district. Our neighbors are restaurants, retail shops, yoga studios, a wine bar, a bakery, a gallery, and within the month, a specialty chocolatier. We are less than 30 minutes south of Seattle, easy to get to, easy to find.

This particular space was formerly a consignment clothing store, and I pass by it nearly every day. I’d been eying it as a possible location for the tea store from the day that I envisioned having a tea store, more than a year ago, so as soon as I saw the available sign in the window I contacted the landlord. Things moved phenomenally quickly, and just a few days after we looked at the space, Brett and I signed the lease and picked up the keys.

We have a little bit of modification to do – primarily painting and installing fixtures, but soon we will be open for business. We will be primarily a retail shop, but we will have a couple of tables where customers can sit and drink tea, and we will be able to sell cups of brewed teas to go. Our primary goal is to create a comfortable, wonderful store where people can come in, learn, explore, and drink tea with us to discover the teas they really love.

Come in and see us!

The new location for Phoenix Tea!

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I just received the news about your new business “Phoenix Tea”. I love tea and am excited for you and the new endeavor. You can count on me to spread the word. I will stop by the next time I visit Burien and try out some new Teas ! Good Luck, Chazz